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Amy is 18 years old. She is a cheerleader at Bigair CheerSports in Wellington, NewZealand and started cheerleading in 2009. From 09 to 2013 she has been on Elite but is taking a short family break. She is lucky enough to be able to go back and compete at the final competition of the year Twisted Mega Nationals with Envy Bigair's senior 3. She works at the gym so the quote of basically living at the gym is a true statement for Amy where she is a coach for recreational gymnastics and cheerleading and competitive gymnastics and cheerleading and tumbling. Amy is also coaching Bigair's junior team. She has competed at least in 12 comps in NewZealand and once at the World Cup cheer and dance in Australia. Australia had to be a highlight it was great for team bonding, Winning Senior 4 and grand Champs was just amazing for Amy and a highlight in her sport as she will come to America with the team to compete at The Allstar games in April.

Amy says, "Cheerleading is starting to get quite big over here which is great I'm glad I get to be apart of it. I'm excited and honoured to have the opportunity to be a international ambassador for the Cheer Channel."

Blog 1:“What Cheerleading means to me”

Well, for the last five years cheerleading has been my life; I have breathed cheerleading. When I started, I honestly had no real clue on what was involved: the hard work and the long hours I would spend at the gym training over the next 5 years. The amazing people I have met - the friends in NewZealand and all over the world - have had to be the best part about it. Compared to most people, I started cheer at an older age.I was 13 and had just started college or, in America, high school. If you were to compare me before cheerleading to now there is a huge difference. I used to be extremely shy and quiet didn't like to talk in groups of people. I'm still a bit on the shy side sometimes, but once I relax I can talk, talk, and talk. Cheerleading means so much to me; it has helped me grow as a person and become more confident with who I am. However, I can’t forget one of the most important things cheerleading has taught me: teamwork is high up on my list, yes, but it has also taught me about family. You can’t choose you team just like you can’t pick your family.You will have your ups and down.You will have some dramas and what not, but your team will stand by you and have your back.You win together and you lose together.You’re a team. You’re family. I wouldn't change my team for the world. Now that I have finished school and I am starting to study, it’s going to become harder and harder to cheer, but whatever happens I will always love cheerleading.Lets be honest, it’s now in my blood and will stay there forever. I know it will somehow it will always be a part of my life.Once a cheerleader always a cheerleader. Now that’s a wrap of my first of many blogs hope everybody has a brilliant 2014!!
Amy xo

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