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Ashley Wilson, from Salado, Texas, is a flyer for Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and is in her second season with the Cheetahs. Ashley has been an All-Star cheerleader since she was 4 years old and is in her 11th competitive cheer season. Ashley is a 2013 Cheer Leader Magazine Rising Star, 2013 MAJORS Champion, 2013 World’s Silver Medalist, 2013 ACA National Champion, 2013 Cheer America National and Grand Champion. Ashley's favorite stunting skills are Ball up Stretches, Double up to Stretch, Straight Leg Scorpion/Needle, Double down, Kick Kick Full baskets. She was named to the 2013 Cheer Channel's Superstars of All Stars.

Blog 1: What I Did This Summer

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone had a great summer! I started off my summer with an exciting new experience by being invited to Camp Woodward as a VIP in Pennsylvania. I had such a great time and made so many new friends! I spent two full weeks living in the cabins and getting to know so many cheerleaders, gymnasts, and skaters. Not only did I get to live in the gym and practice on my tumbling and stunting skills, but I also got to do some other amazing things like horseback riding, skateboarding, and working my way through the ropes course! I definitely made some lifelong friendships at Woodward Cheer Camp. It was an experience I would recommend to everyone and I hope that I get to go again next summer! I was extremely excited to come back from Woodward and get back to Cheetahs practice. Once again, we have an amazing team. We welcomed several new members to our family with amazing skills. Don’t forget to watch for our first performance! The Showcase will be October 5, 2013. You won’t want to miss it!

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