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Dee is a flyer for the A-Towne AllStars Legends Senior Large Coed Level 5. Dee started cheering when she was 4 on a minis team. Most of her cheer career has been with the Atlanta Jayhawks and ATA. Dee attended Worlds in 2012 and will attend Worlds in 2013. She was one of Inside Cheerleading's Most Valuable Cheer Stars in 2010, nominated to IC's Junior All American Team in 2012, and is the spokesperson for CCI's Anti-Bullying Campaign. Dee is also actively involved in her community, hosting charity events, and is a member of numerous academic honors and clubs including Dean's List, Mu Alpha Theta, and Student Council President and Treasurer.

Blog 1: What I Did This Summer

The summer of 2013 was one of the best yet! First, I went to Seaside, Florida with one of my best friends, Jordi. I had a lot of fun meeting other teams and I loved getting mint chocolate chip ice cream everyday…yum! Next, I went to the Level 5 Ray Days camp in Jacksonville, Florida for the Stingray Allstars. My team bonded and improved a lot while at this camp. I’m excited for the upcoming season! Another camp I went to was a UCA camp at the University of Georgia with my varsity co-ed team for high school. I had a great time learning cheers and building stronger friendships. My highlight of the summer was being a VIP for Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania! I had an amazing time meeting other athletes, doing autograph sessions, tumbling, stunting, making new friends, and of course watching the skateboarders and BMX-ers! (; It was such an honor and I had the time of life! I have made some wonderful memories and it will always be a summer to remember! (:

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