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Gemma King is a cheerleader for Champion Dance & Cheer Allstars. Originally from Scotland, she has been cheering since the age of 10. She is also a trained beauty therapist. In her opinion, the best part about cheerleading is making new friends.

Blog 2: "What Cheerleading Means to Me"

Hey Everybody!
Cheerleading means everything to me! I just love it!!
Everything I do revolves around cheerleading! 
To me cheerleading isn't just a sport it's waaay more!
I've made so many friends through this wonderful sport! And I am thankful for everyone I've met because of cheerleading! 
So yeah I really do just love it!

Blog 1

Hey guys! I've been cheering for 12/13 years ( since the age of 10 ) I live in Scotland and when I started out in cheer no one had really heard of the sport and people that had thought it was just standing and shaking pom poms. Throughout the years the sport has expanded here but still no where to the scale of the popularity of the sport in the U.S.A so cheerleaders here still have that fight of when we say we are cheerleaders people still think of us as standing shaking pom poms lol! The main thing I love about this sport is the amount of friends I have made in it <3

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