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Holden is a base and tumbler for Cheer Extreme Senior Coed Elite. Holden got his stars in gymnastics when he was 8 years old and began cheering at Southern Spirit Unlimited and Southern Impact All Stars. In 2008 he made the move to Cheer Extreme and has since been a 2-time NCA National Champion, 2-time Nfinity Legend, 2011 Worlds Silver Medalist, 2012 Majors Champion, CheerlebrityJudge, and a guest star on CCI's Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader 2: The Fierce One. Holden enjoys cheering for coach Courtney Smith-Pope and his current role model is Maddie Gardner. Holden also took up competitive diving and is a member of his High School team.

Blog 1: What I Did This Summer

How sweet it is...summertime. I look forward to summer every year. Schools out! It’s warm weather... time for sunshine, oceans, lakes, pools, sunglasses, flip flops, tanning, summer camps, family vacations, and late nights with friends. Every summer has a story. How will you tell your story? My story started with Cheer Extreme skills beach camps in Myrtle Beach, SC. It is always so much fun to spend time working and playing hard with your teammates. Somehow spending time with your teammates on the beach after hard workouts makes everyone more productive. It is a great way to bond with your new teammates. After CEA beach camp, I headed to California to Woodward West. I had a blast meeting new friends. I loved being exposed to gymnastics, biking, and skateboarding during my visit. That is some tough stuff! During the summer, there were many trips to the beach, lake, and pool with my family and friends. Somehow the water and sunshine make everything more fun. One of the highlights of my summer was the one week cruise that my mom, brother and I took with several CEA families to celebrate Ashley Fritts’ “freedom” from breast cancer. Most of you followed her journey during the 2012-2013 season. It was a great celebration of life and victory. We spent time in Key West, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica. We went snorkeling and swimming with stingrays. We danced and sang. We laughed and enjoyed the “celebration of life!” And of course, we ate A LOT! Now it’s time to say goodbye to summertime and get ready for a productive year of schoolwork, diving, and cheerleading. Please follow me on Instagram: @holdenray and Twitter: @Holden_Beck.

Special Feature

For some 9 year olds, it’s all about playing dolls and lolling around making loom band bracelets. For young Rylea May van Alhen of New Zealand though, it’s a whole different story! The talented youngster has been...


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