Age: 19
Gym: Cheer Extreme Allstars
Team: Small Senior X
Position: Backspot


Sacha McElroy is from Chester, VA., she started cheering at the age of 6 for a recreational school team. Her love of cheerleading grew and she joined her first allstar team at Cheer Elite Stars in Virginia. From there, Sacha wanted to be more challenged so she cheered for Fame Allstars for 5 years and is not blessed to be on her dream team. Sacha also enjoys playing basketball and paintball.

Sacha's favorite cheer moment was bronzing at Worlds in 2013. The toughest challenge she has had to overcome was tearing her achilles tendon and UCL in her elbow last season, 3 months apart and then making her dream team this season and trying not to be the weakling. Some of Sacha's skills include her running through to full, half through to full and she is working on her doubles.

Sacha's Team awards and titles include Worlds Bronze Medalist (2013), Best Tumbling (2011), Most Improved (2011), and Champions League Small Senior Champions.

Mind over matter! Go for your dreams no matter what! That is the best advice Sacha can offer to other cheerleaders. Sacha says she hasn't had the easiest life but she is living proof that all things are possible when you stay focused on your dreams and work hard every single day to achieve those dreams.

Sacha defines leadership as someone who inspired their peers with knowledge, experience and the willingness to listen to new ideas to help create the best possible outcome. Sadha is a leader on her team by positively pushing each athlete to do their very best. Sacha hopes to inspire athletes of all races to work toward their goals and to always get involved in the activities in their community.

Sacha says she has many people in her life that she admires, her main one is her mom. As a single parent with 6 kids, she is always so strong and never gives up. She always supports her children.

In 10 years, Sacha hopes to own her own bakery, with her grandma at her side.

Social Media

Please check out the links below to learn more about Sacha.
Twitter: sachaafiercee
Facebook: sacha.mcelroy
Instagram: sachaafiercee

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