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Whitney is a flyer for East Celebrity Elite International Open Coed Level 5. Whitney got her start with Pop Warner when she was 8 and transitioned to cheer at East Elite the next year where she made her way from youth level 1 up to International Open Level 5. Along with cheer, Whitney has been a ballet dancer for many years. Whitney was on the Inside Cheerleading Magazine "All American Team" in 2012, and is a 3-time MA State Champion, 2012 NCA Runner Up, 2012 UCA Champion, and was top 10 at the 2012 Cheerleading Worlds.

Blog 1: What I Did This Summer

This summer was a few of the best months of my life. I had so much fun spending time with my friends and family. I got my boating license so I could take my family’s pontoon out on the lake! It was also hard having to say goodbye to my life in Boston as I started a new chapter in Boca Raton, Florida, attending Lynn University. It’s been a strange month not having cheerleading in my life. However, I’m grateful for the lessons it has taught me, especially during this new start!

Special Feature

For some 9 year olds, it’s all about playing dolls and lolling around making loom band bracelets. For young Rylea May van Alhen of New Zealand though, it’s a whole different story! The talented youngster has been...


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