EngagementEven on a school cheer squad, it’s a privilege to be on a team, not a right. That means that certain actions can get you suspended for the team and even kicked off. While some reasons may seem obvious, others may not be so clear. As a cheerleader, always respect your coach, your teammates, and the rules of your gym or school.

Here are a few reasons why a cheerleader could get kicked off the team:

Low Grades
You know how schools require their athletes to maintain a certain GPA? It’s not a suggestion; it’s a rule. If you don’t make the minimum GPA, a coach may be required to bench you for a season. If your grades continue to suffer, you may be kicked off and not be allowed back on the team.

Hazing or Bullying
As we saw in the news with the Towson University cheer squad, schools will not tolerate hazing or bullying. Even if seniors think of it as a fun “initiation” process for freshmen, it’s usually not innocent fun and games. Sure, you can play a fun prank on a friend, but before doing so, think about how that person will react – will she laugh or will she take it seriously? If you’re not sure, don’t do it.

Missing Practice (A Lot)
Sure, it isn’t as fun or thrilling as the big game or competition, but that doesn’t mean you can skip cheer practices. Depending on the coach or school, you may be allowed to miss a certain number of practices. It’s best to save those in case you actually become sick or have a family emergency. Don’t just skip practice because you “aren’t feeling it.”

Not Respecting the Captain
The coach may be in charge, but he or she selected a captain to assist and take the lead when necessary. Whether you don’t like the captain for personal reasons or because you didn’t get the position, you still must respect him or her. Ignoring a captain’s rules or requests can get you in big trouble.

Having a Bad Attitude
It doesn’t matter if you are the best cheerleader on the team. A coach will kick you off if you’re a spirit crusher. As a member of a team, you have to work with your teammates and respect them. If you have a problem with one of your teammates, handle it maturely. Creating drama will just make things worse for you.

Have you ever known someone that was kicked off the cheer squad? What are your team’s rules?

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