Cheer Channel's "Superstars of All-Stars" Depart for Los Angeles to Appear in "Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader"

AUSTIN, Texas (May 3, 2012)--- Cheer Channel Inc.’s (CCI) “Superstars of All-Stars” will be in Los Angeles beginning Friday, May 4th through Sunday May 6th to be featured in cameo appearances as guest roles in the new Web series, “Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader”.

CCI’s “Superstars of All-Stars” for 2012 are Kiara Nowlin, Maddie Gardner, Kelsey Rule, Whitney Love, Cami Branson, Gabi Butler, Erica Englebert and Bianca Treger.

Muscular Dystrophy Doesn’t Stop This Teen from Cheering

NewsIn Dinwiddie, Virginia, Kayla Allen is an inspiring cheerleader to her mother, team, school, and community. However, her journey wasn’t simple.

5 Things That Will Get You Kicked Off the Cheer Squad

EngagementEven on a school cheer squad, it’s a privilege to be on a team, not a right. That means that certain actions can get you suspended for the team and even kicked off. While some reasons may seem obvious, others may not be so clear.

A Shoulder To Lean On: Help a Friend with a Bad Relationship

Bad RelationshipAs tough and strong cheerleaders can be, they aren’t immune to the pains of a bad breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or the toils of a bumpy relationship.

Oops! Don’t Make this Team’s Mistake When Ordering Uniforms

NewsThe Harborfields High School football team was all set for a great new seasonwith custom jerseys. One problem: the custom uniforms had a misspelling.

Poll Results: Is Your Team Competing This Year?

Cheerleading competitions are exciting, intense, and a completely different type of cheer than cheering at football and basketball games. For many school cheer squads, competing is a luxury. It can be expensive to travel to competitions and usually a team needs to purchase a different cheer uniform.

Middle School Squad Experiences Mid-Season Leadership Change

Middle School Squad Experiences Mid-Season Leadership ChangeThe Mannford Middle School cheerleaders were all set for the new season until their cheer coach quit. Cheerleaders and their parents were worried the change would end their season.

Making the Grade: Helping a Friend Struggling in School

Maintaining GradesFor most school cheer squads, all team members are required to maintain certain grades. Regardless of how high or low the minimum requirement is, a cheerleader may occasionally have trouble keeping their grades up during a hectic and busy season.

A Mud Run for Fundraising? Check It Out!

Nationwide Obstacle Mud Run Designed For Cheerleaders

New Nationwide Obstacle Mud Run Designed Specifically for Cheerleaders and Non-Profit Groups

Fun5KRuns LLC. has launched their new “Muddy Cheer Challenge” obstacle mud run designed specifically for All Star cheerleaders, high school cheerleaders, college cheerleaders and all non-profit groups looking for an easy way to fundraise.

Complaining About a Teammate (Without Creating More Drama)

ComplainingSo you’ve got a problem with one of your teammates. She’s bossy, rude, lazy, or something that bothers you. Complaining to your coach about a teammate is tricky. There is a fine line between expressing an issue and making it worse.

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For some 9 year olds, it’s all about playing dolls and lolling around making loom band bracelets. For young Rylea May van Alhen of New Zealand though, it’s a whole different story! The talented youngster has been...


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