Middle School Squad Experiences Mid-Season Leadership ChangeThe Mannford Middle School cheerleaders were all set for the new season until their cheer coach quit. Cheerleaders and their parents were worried the change would end their season.

However, the principal stepped in and responded to the parents’ concerns. While they wouldn’t allow parents to step in and help teach, which many parents offered, they did find a school staff member to supervise the team while they perform on the sidelines at games. As for teaching new routines and cheers, the team is temporarily without a leader, as the school has not yet decided what to do.

We hope the middle school cheer squad finds a solution so the cheerleaders can continue to cheer this year!

To avoid a sticky situation like this, check out our free guide on surviving a mid-season leadership change. It has tips for coaches, captains, parents, and cheerleaders! You can download it here.

News Source: Mannford Eagle

Have you ever experienced a mid-season leadership change? How did it effect your team?

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