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Can-Daniel Schuch is a level 4 Cheerleader for the Junior Wildcats team at Wildcats Leverkusen Gym in Germany.

Blog 2: "Welcome to my second home"

Welcome to my second homeHello everybody,
If you are reading this right now, you will experience a little insight into my second home, the gym. Wildcats Leverkusen which is one of the largest and most successful squads here in Germany, belongs to a big program which is called TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen. As Wildcats Leverkusen have been built by Marion Schmitz (head coach and owner), there were only two teams. Through the past years, it grew a lot. Now we are up to 8 Teams. Our teams were since 2008:
 Welcome to my second home

  • 20 time regional champions and 24 state champion titles (CCVD)
  • 9 time national champions (CCVD)
  • 12 Elite Cheerleading Championship Titles
  • 2 time participations at the ECU European Championships
  • 3 time participations in the Cheerleading Worlds in the USA (2 IASF 1 ICU)
  • Since TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen has many other sports such as gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, etc., we're sharing the gym with the other athletes. We have the gym at a fixed time, therefore, there are be given school gyms on specific days to us, where we also of course practice on fixed days. Junior Wildcats (my team) and Youth Wildcats are both level 4 teams at my gym.

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    Blog 1: "What cheerleading means to me."

    First of all , I just want to say thank you the Cheer Channel for chosing me as an 'International Ambassador'. I'm so honored to work together with such an amazing program like ' The Cheer Channel ' and it's so great to work together with other cheerleaders from all around the world. I am really excited and congrats to all the other ambassadors.

    So my first blog, ” What cheerleading means to me” because it is important that you know who I am as I want to get to know all of you so I can represent your interests well in the media.

    Like many of you, cheerleading really means the world for me. I've been cheering for 6 years ( since the age of 10 ). When I started cheerleading , I had no idea what cheerleading was nor what it would mean to me. I had no idea about the sport and I had never seen a movie with cheerleaders or in real life until someone pulled me into it and I started cheerleading. I would never have imagined how close I could be to my teammates or even how much I would come to love it.

    I really enjoy all the emotions that cheerleading brings together and that cheerleading is a team sport. It's so important that everyone trust each other and that we will fight together to reach for our dreams, because working together really means getting where we want to go! In being close, we become our own family so are there for each other no matter what, like a family should be—that is so important! My team , isn't just a team. I've made new friends who I'll have forever and that's so awesome!

    I love how everyone is getting prepared for competitions and showing off their routines. It's a big battle but so exciting to see the sportsmanship. Cheerleading is a very different experience and it's so awesome because you don't know how many skills you can gain. For instance you gain life skills and the cheer skills. Cheerleading always teaches me new stuff about myself and life.

    Until my next blog, please be sure to check back here to read my next blog and more highlights from my country to yours.

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