Fitness Expert

Danielle Wechsler​


Danielle Wechsler is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional. She is known for her contagious energy, positive outlook and intense workouts.

As a former collegiate cheerleader for Syracuse University and current trainer to the pros, Danielle founded cheerFIT after personally experiencing the dangers of the cheer sport.

Within her 4 years of cheering at the collegiate level, Danielle tore her ACL not once but twice. After the second ACL tear, she decided enough was enough and turned to fitness instead of surgery to beat the odds and strengthen her knee to full recovery.

Not only did she defy the odds and overcome what may be a career ending injury to some, she also founded cheerFIT ™ in the process. cheerFIT™ is a personal training service that connects cheerleaders to a personal fitness coach. Online.

She lives by the idea of turning a challenge in an opportunity and works to provide the motivation, strength and inspiration to help others achieve their goals.

Special Feature

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