Cheer Channel Inc presents Cheer Mashup a show starring Superstar of All-Stars Maddie Gardner, which will provide an insider’s look into the world of cheerleading. Maddie will bring you a first look at the latest news, events, fashion trends and health and fitness tips all related to cheer. The show will take you across the globe to connect you with cheerleaders around the world. Maddie will offer insight and advice backed by her years of experience and host How To's showing off some awesome cheer moves! The show will also feature interactive segments on What's Hot and What's Not, First Cakes, Ask Maddie, Makeup-Shakeup, Cheer Bloopers, Sponsor Features, as well as interviews with coaches, dancers, celebrities and some of Maddie’s close friends. This will allow you to get the inside scoop in the cheer industry. The show is made for cheerleaders, hosted by a cheerleader and promised to be very entertaining!


Hi Everyone! Maddie here. This show we take Cheer Mashup behind the scenes to my campus at UNC! One of my favorite things about UNC happens to be the cheerleaders. On this episode you can catch coach Brown's interview of what it takes to be a college cheerleader and see some of my friends and teammates. You also get to meet Maison Baker, cheerleader for Top Gun Co-ed and one of Cheer Channel's Superstars of All Stars who will share with you what she packs for competition.

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BLOG 3: Balancing School With Career

by Maddie Gardner

The undeniable truth is that life offers more opportunities than an individual can take on. I have always tried to accomplish more than humanly possible, and most of the time it takes a turn for the worst. It all comes down to achieving the perfect balance of things you WANT to do, and things you HAVE to do. This often applies to cheerleading and schoolwork.

Cheerleading has always been a priority for me, and although they often conflict, I know that missing a cheer-related activity is never an excuse for unfinished, or second-rate schoolwork. This means one must try to achieve the perfect balance. Perfection is rarely stumbled upon, and making it work perfectly takes dedication, but it is often necessary when it comes to this balance. Sometimes this means that schoolwork has to be taken care of using alternative methods. Doing homework in car, or in between full-out routines at practice was always normal for me in high school. Now that I am in college, I have to dedicate even more time to academics, and my cheer schedule has become more demanding. I knew that I had to do my absolute best in both activities, so I looked for advice and this is what I came up with.

Number One: Where will you be in the future, and what will you be doing? Although cheerleading offers career options, how likely is it that you will have a cheer related career than one that is not? Education will provide you with knowledge for your future and it is absolutely necessary to put school first. Do your homework, pay attention in class, always go to school, and study for tests; you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Number Two: Cheerleading can also teach you valuable lessons for the future. Instead of just cheering for the sake of cheering, look for the underlying themes and lessons in the sport and use what you learn in the future. Hard work, determination, being passionate about what you do, and never settling are all lessons I have learned from being a cheerleader. These have not only helped me short-term, but I am certain they will still be relevant in the future.

Number Three: As Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work”. As I briefly mentioned before, life isn’t perfect, and it never will be. Learn to accept this and make it work for you. Find time to study or do your homework. Learn to stay up late, or wake up early and finish assignments. If cheerleading and school are important to you, then find time to devote to both. You may have to skip a Friday night out with your friends, or cut down on your social media time, but in the future you’ll be glad you did. I can’t remember a time during a test when I wish I would have watched an hour more of television rather than studying an hour longer.

Think about your future first and foremost. Although we all love to cheer, we still need a solid academic foundation. It is cool to be smart, so make sure you are doing all you can to find time to learn from both school and cheerleading. If you do all that you can to be successful, I guarantee you will be. Good luck!


by Maddie Gardner

Hey girls and guys of the cheerleading world! This is Maddie Gardner and this season of Cheer Mashup is full of fun and excitement as we explore some of the ins and outs of cheerleading and catch up with what’s playing out on this season of Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader. Last season I played myself as one of the superstars. I had such a blast first season being apart of the Superstars of All-Stars. Now there is a whole new cast coming out in Episode 6 of Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader 2: The Fierce One, featuring many of your favorite cheerleaders:

Jamie Andries

Maison Baker

Kristen Basquill

Kelcie Burch

Carly Manning

Taylor Minchew

Holden Ray

Whitney Sharpe

Dee Temples

Taylor Vandemark

 The cast received amazing gifts and prizes from Amethyst Jeans, uniforms from Kick’s Athleticks, music from Go! Fight! Win! Music and more! Everything was perfect! We would love to thank the Cheer Mashup sponsors, Power Bows, Spirit Bows, Kick’s Athleticks and World Cup Cheer and Dance. This season was shot in Austin, Texas and tells the story of The Fierce One and the Texas Twisters who are two-time, All-Star National Champions lead by team leaders and best friends Jessica, Courtney, and Donna. The Texas Twisters are headed for a three-peat when a mysterious v-logger tapes the team’s top stars making major mistakes and posts their personal secrets to the web. Each of the Twisters’ stars has their own weakness that they’ve been hiding and the Vlogger is on a mission to reveal these secrets and break up their friendship and the team. The cyber bully is using the Cheer Board to do the dirty work. Will they put an end to the Vlogger’s antics before it hurts their chances at Nationals? Cheer Mashup also features the Harlem Cheer with excellent videos! Thanks to all who submitted their version of the Harlem Shake. I LOVED all the selfies taken and the commercials submitted were awesome! You’ve started a trend amongst Instagram, FB and Pinterest. If you look hard enough you might even find me doing the same! I want to know what you think about cheerleading in the social media world! Who will you submit for my first cheerleader and cheer team to highlight for next month? I can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Make sure you post videos on my Cheer Mashup FB page and don’t forget that I’m always open to new ideas! Enter for your chance to win prizes each week and your chance to be featured in the best of the best final episode of Cheer Mashup. Thanks to Glitterbug, Extreme Bling, Power Bows and special thanks to Spirit Bows for sponsoring our Contest of the Week!

Blog 1

by Maddie Gardner

Cheer Mashup is my new monthly webseries that brings together the best and most exciting things cheerleading has to offer! I should know, as cheerleading as been my whole life since I was 2 years old. During my years with Cheer Extreme we were 2 x World Champions and I was honored with the GOLD MEDAL! I also was able to perform a pretty skill, called the ball up 360 tick-tock.

Although I am no longer a part of all-star cheerleading, I am currently a JV cheerleader in my freshman year at the University of North Carolina. One of the things I dreamed of doing after college was to be an on-camera host or tv journalist. Last year, I was thrilled when I was asked to start doing some interviews at events around the world for the Cheer Channel. It was a great experience, and I have to say I am getting better at it everyday! I thought it would be a great idea to do an original program FOR cheerleaders and ABOUT cheerleaders, things that I wanted to know when I was an all-star. Something people could see, not just read. Like, "Access Hollywood" but for OUR world.

So we came up with the idea of my hosting a show called CHEER MASHUP. A "mashup" is exactly what it sounds like...a bunch of different things or subjects blended together into something interesting and informative. Each month, my crack squad of in-the-know cheerologists and trendsetters will help me put together the best in cheer gear, fashion, health & beauty, new moves on the mat, the real deals, fitness tips and training techniques, and much more. I will also interview some old friends and new, cheer celebrities and superstars, some of our most famous and admired coaches, and we can't leave out things like contests, highlights of major competitions, and behind-the-scenes of Cheer Channel's original programming. I will even bring you along with me on some of my most exciting appearances and adventures from Australia to Canada. So #Hash the Mash-up! I will also answer questions if you film yourself from your phone, so we can put you on the show, and winners will be given some awesome prizes and gift bags for submitting the funniest cheer-related pics and videos of the month!

See you on CHEER MASHUP!

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Meet Maddie

Maddie Gardner is an internationally recognized American All Star cheerleader. She is mostly known for being a world champion cheerleader but she is also a great role model. She is constantly involved in her community and loves helping others. When she isn’t cheering, you can find Maddie volunteering at local hospital and participating and participating in fundraisers for various charities and organizations.

Maddie was first introduced to the world of cheerleading at the age of four while cheering at little league football games as a mascot. She found her true calling when she was introduced to All Star Cheerleading. At age seven, she went to Cheer Extreme and here her love for cheerleading turned into a passion. Her hard work and determination would lead her to be a recognizable athlete for Cheer Extreme for many years. From 2006 to 2012, she would go on to win multiple medals at Cheerleading Worlds, winning gold in both 2010 and 2012. Her most notable contribution to cheerleading is the first-ever performance of a “ball up 360 tick-tock”, which she did in 2010.

Along with cheering for All Star Cheerleading, Maddie also cheered throughout high school. She will continue her education and cheering passion while cheering for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and majoring in broadcast journalism. She is a member of the UNC Junior Varsity cheer team.


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