La Cueva High School’s dress code is preventing the school’s cheerleaders from enjoying the games in their usual attire. The cheerleaders’ uniforms consist of sleeveless tops as well as short skirts, and the ban on this uniform has left some of the girls quite bummed out. When the uniforms were worn on game day on September 4th, the girls were instructed to change their outfits in the detention room.

Junior Varsity Cheerleader Ashlyn Villanueva says that the girls wear spandex underneath the skirts, and they can wear their shells with long sleeved shirts, but cannot do the same with their skirts. However, while they cannot wear the uniforms on campus, they are still required to wear these uniforms at the football games.

So, the girls have taken it upon themselves to raise over $4,000 to purchase new uniforms that more appropriately fit the school’s dress code. A number of the cheerleaders do not see the problem with what they were wearing.

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