Seventeen-year-old Kelsey Rule is a three-time NCA Champion, three-time World Champion and an award-winning, all-around tumbler. Kelsey is a flyer for the World Cup Shooting Stars in Freehold, New Jersey. Admired for her cheerleading skills, Kelsey is also a strong role model to others for her volunteer involvement with local cheerleaders in the Pop Warner Youth Cheerleading organization.

Hometown: South Brunswick
Birthday: 3/24/95

Cheerleading Information:
Team Name: World Cup Shooting Stars
Location: Freehold, New Jersey
Position: flyer and tumbler (all around)

Tumbling pass: standing two handsprings to double punch double
Jump: front hurdler toe full
Stunt: full up stretch
Competition: Worlds
Awards you have won: Running tumbling award, standing tumbling award, coaches choice award, Shooting Star of the Year 2011, finalist in So You Think You Can Tumble in Cheersport in 2010. Top 21 under 21, 3x NCA champion, 3x World champion
Song to cheer/dance to: Fashionista
Celebrity: Kardashian Sisters (Kim,Kourtney,Khloe)
Food: cheeseburgers (McDonalds)
Vacation spot: the beach
Place to shop: Forever 21
Magazine: The Cheer Leader Magazine
Movie: Soul Surfer
Artist: Rascal Flatts
Color: purple
TV Show: Jersey Shore
Subject in school: history
Candy: lollipops
Animal: monkey
Biggest Fear: snakes

What is something most people do not know about you?
Most people don't know that i am apart of the Mock Trial team at my school. Its a class in my school that your invited to take and you put together a case and compete against other schools at court houses. I have been apart of this for almost 2 years now and its a really great experience and i got to meet a lot of new people!

What is your proudest cheer moment?
My proudest cheer moment was when i got invited to tryout for Shooting Stars when i was in 7th grade. As a member of World Cup, it's every cheerleaders dream to be apart of the Shooting Stars and I was shocked when i not only got invited to tryout for the team, but also made it. My dream of becoming a Shooting Star had came true.

What is your favorite cheerleading memory?
My favorite cheerleading memory was winning Worlds in 2007,2008, and 2009. The feeling of winning such a big competition like that is indescribable. Teams work all year just to win this competition and getting that experience to even go to Worlds and to win it is just amazing.

What is something you have learned from cheerleading?
Something I have learned from cheerleading is responsibility and team unity. Because this is a team sport, its important to make sure your doing your job on and off the mat. This sport is all about teamwork and working together with your teammates. To be apart of this competitive sport, its important to get along with everybody and to just make sure your focused and staying on task and to keep the goals you aspire throughout the year in mind.

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