One of the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders was hospitalized after cheering at the M and T Bank Stadium on Sunday! Unfortunately for her, she was thrown high into the air and then fell back down the ground with a great force after the people that were supposed to catch her, did not! The stunt went horribly wrong and the poor cheerleader felt herself fall instead of being caught with open arms by her team members. This is something that they do feel terrible about of course. 
On field, the girl was treated for back and head injuries and stabilized, before being taken to the local hospital to be treated. The team refused to talk to newspaper reporters about the incident in more detail and would not allow her name to be released. They have since made an announcement that she is home and safe on the mend though. This is not the first time that it has been in the spot light about how National Football League Teams treat squad members on cheerleading teams. 
It is thought that they do not take precautions and protect them as they should do. The training is intense, and the members are under a lot of pressure too. A report highlighted just how tough this is for Ravens members, not so long ago. Thankfully for the cheerleader though, all is OK and she will not have to undergo any surgery or suffer from a long term disability as a result of the accident. 

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