In Richmond, the Eagles varsity cheerleading team in Franklin County were all cheers, when they came in at number five. This was after participating in the Group six A state Championships. It all took place at the Siegel Center, located inside the Virginia Commonwealth University. 
They scored an amazing 240 points and didn’t get even one technical point deduction. Despite their impressive performance though, the amazing squad, did not progress to the next round, which would have been the finals. It was a two round competition with 8 teams participating. The team that were ranked in at number 4, qualified for the next round of the event. 
The competition was the very first that Eagles had taken place in as a 6 A team, however, their 4th since their inception completion back in 97. It is also the best show that the Eagles have taken part in. Back in 2008, 2012, and 2011 the team did manage to get through to the next round though, which made it all the more frustrating for them. Back then there were 15 teams from four different regions.  Now, since 2013, only four teams got through to the 6A North Region and another 4 managed to get through to the South Region.  In 2008 the Eagles ranked at number 8, in 2011, they got in at number 13, and in 2012 they came in at number 12. Marsha Lopez and Cyndi Scott coach the team. 

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