Powell High School put on one heck of a performance on a Friday night during a football game in September. The Powell cheerleaders have been taking it upon themselves to teach some of the school's special needs students their cheer-skills, while even allowing them to perform with the official pep squad at the home games and the pep rallies.


Victoria Tillman, a mother of one of the special needs students whose name is Ella, was very pleased and happy to hear that her daughter gets to be an equal within the cheerleader squad. In the 6th grade,Ella first went out in her uniform and with her hair in a bow looking fabulous, bringing tears to Victoria’s eyes. She was happy to see her daughter become an equal among her peers. “They all see her, they come by and high five her,” Victoria said. “She’s very much a part of her school and it’s very exciting.”

The Team performed in the 3rd quarter at the game, with Powell playing against Hardin Valley.

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